Wednesday, February 29, 2012


January 25th...heaviest I have ever been...168 lbs...

and I am ecstatic to say as of tonight...154 lbs...So excited.

I will post some new recipes tomorrow before I head to work.

Tonight I made vegan almond cinnamon muffins with a coconut almond milk glaze...they taste just like cinnamon buns minus the inevitable guilt! I will post that tomorrow :)

I also wanted to share a super quick lean leg work out I found on Pinterest that really whoops your ass.

You do these exercises quickly in a row from top to bottom, then bottom to top.

20 squats
30 lunges
40 toe touches
50 second wall sit
100 jumping jacks!

Try it and lemme know how your ass feels :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A table is supported by legs...well, what happens if the legs give out?
Your table is shit out of luck...

Same goes for humans...we are designed to feel good when we are supported emotionally by others, when people believe in us. And when no one supports you, well, ya feel like shit.

I worked 11 hours today, an am exhausted...BUT!

I wanted to make damn sure I wrote a quicky blog letting whoever know that is reading this and struggling with weight loss or healthier eating, or hell, just had a bad frigen day, that I support you.

I may be just some tattooed hippie makeup artist who slangs beer day in and day out who packed on some weight after a couple ups and downs in life...but you can bet your ass I could probably help you more than you know...and I am willing to.

I am here to say don't give up, on anything you are striving for...especially losing weight. Because I sure as hell am not.

Only ONE person will prevent you from being where you want to be, and that is you.

Tomorrow is my next weigh in...and I want to report a radical number...and I am hoping that I can do that  to prove that with hard work and dedication, all is possible. So far since January 25th I am 13 lbs down...I hope to be down at least 15 by the weekend...and I will make sure of it.

So goodnight everyone.
Stay beautiful.
Stay positive.
And stay on track, it is worth it <3

Monday, February 27, 2012

12" Whole Wheat Thin Crust Magic!

A normal, typical 12" cheese pizza runs at least 1600 calories for the entire thing. 1/8 of a pizza being at least 200 calories...

Instead of feeling terrible for eating a slice of guilt, I make my own pizza at home...but in a nice, quick manner.

I eliminate the white dough and buy pre-made 100% whole wheat 12'' thin crust pizza crusts,

Generally these crusts should be 100 calories per 1/6 slice...making the entire crust 600 calories. You don't need all that extra dough to satiate your pizza cravings...nor do you need a pound of cheese!

I also divide the pizza into the typical 8 slices.

Now this recipe is for a white pie, but you can add your own tomato sauce...I never recommend jar sauces...but I am an Italian woman who loves to cook...that is just sacreligious.

You can also add veggies or eliminate veggies depending on your long as you keep oil out, the cheese portions low, and the fatty meats off, you can add as many veggies as youd like...Olives can be high in fat if too many are consumed so that is the only topping I don't overkill...Weight watcher folks...the pizza with the veggies is 2 pts per slice! And calorie counters with all the veggies I put on mine I ring in at a whopping 140 calories per slice. With way more healthy nutrients than a piece of cheese pizza covered in grease.

I get a large baking sheet, or pizza stone...and preheat my oven to 350 degrees...

Spray the baking sheet with zero calorie cooking spray...lay the pizza crust down.

I spray a few pumps of my I cant believe its not butter over the crust.

I chopped up fresh garlic, about 2 large cloves. Sprinkled that on top. Then I took a tsp of fat free ricotta and placed that dollop around the pizza 8 times (one per slice)...I shook over some reduced fat parmesan more than 2 tbsp for the whole crust. I sprinkled about a 1/4 cup of part-skim mozzarella cheese over the crust and then came the veggies!

I used about half of a cup of artichoke hearts
One cup of fresh spinach leaves
Half a cup of fresh chopped basil
8 black olives sliced thin
I love mushrooms so I used about 3/4 of a cup
My mom doesn't love onion but I would normally add some red onion or even a few jalapeno slices for some heat.

I then sprinkled another 1/4 cup of the mozzarella, gave a good sprinkle of garlic powder and oregano and popped that bad boy in the oven...I cannot stress to you how amazing this pizza was. If you were to order a white pie like this with all the ingredients from most pizza places you are looking at at least 300+ calories per slice!

Have fun with this...get to know fresher and healthier ingredients...and pile em on up! A little cheese can go a long, long way...don't drown your pizza in cheese and grease, it just isn't worth it.

SIDE NOTE: I am a dipper. I am notorious for dipping my pizza crust in ranch...if you too, have a dip addiction here are some awesome alternatives to ranch dressing dips (which yall know fat free ranch is frigen foul, so you are totally using full calorie dressing I bet)..

You can pick up the ranch dressing mix packets in the dressing isle and instead of using fattening sour cream get fat free or atleast light sour cream as an alternative...2 tbsp of that is about 70 calories as opposed to 140 calories for ranch...OR...try using the ranch mixes with nonfat plain greek is a beautiful thing and tastes even better for about 30 calories for 2 tbsp...OR my fave, especially with a veggie pizza, TZAZIKI SAUCE! A greek yogurt made with garlic and cucumber and dill...phenomenal and only 35 calories for 2 tbsp...that is bad ass if you ask me.

I also top my pizza with a little srirachaaa sauce for heat which will also help you feel full quicker.


Chick Pea Bites!

I like to snack, on healthy things. Which is typically hard. If you pick on grapes everyday, you are going to get sick of grapes. If you pick on low fat popcorn are gonna eventually get sick of popcorn.

I like to try and "beat the system" as you will hear me frequently say...The system of thinking all super healthy food tastes like crap, and that all delicious food is out of reach for our weight loss progression.


I make two different batches...

With one I take a whole can of garbanzo beans (chick peas)...I drain and rinse them in a colander and pat em a little with a paper towel..You want them damp, not soaked.

I spray a baking sheet with zero calorie spray. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

I spread the chick peas on the pan and sprinkle with cayenne pepper, adobo, and garlic powder. At this point this is your recipe, so you can add tons of onion powder and make onion bites, do all garlic and make garlic bites, throw on some parmesan cheese, basil, oregano, and garlic and make italian bites. Whatever you wanna taste on those bites, go for it! Besides the parm cheese, all seasonings for the most part are calorie free. The options are endless.

Hell, you could even marinate the chick peas overnight with some vinegar and a little salt and make salt and vinegar ones!

Bake for 20-30 mins. Check after 20 and if they are crispy enough with out burning, take em out...if not, leave em in a little longer.

Boom. Are they the equivant to cheesecake bites, doritos, or a nice 300 calorie crescent? No...but they are good for you. Healthy fat, protein, and aren't full of sugar or preservatives.

My favorites however, are made just how you prepped the ones above. Drain, rinse, pat. But in this batch I toss them with a few packets of splenda and cinnamon powder. I toss em with my hands and I taste em to see how sweet they are and if I need more splenda. You can also add nutmeg and even a tsp of vanilla extract and toss for more flavor. Baked 20-30 mins. Amazing. Zero calories again for splenda, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg...It is a beautiful thing...


There are 350 calories in each can, so I suggest portioning into 3rds or 4ths. But the choice is up to you! Enjoy

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baked asparagus fries!

I first saw a recipe for this on Pinterest...the best site ever...but it called to roll the asparagus in flour, then egg wash, the panko break crumbs...No way jose...

All you need is liquid egg whites, asparagus, and bread can choose to use panko over bread crumbs but bread crumbs are slightly less calories and carbs...slightly

Preheat your oven to 385 degrees.

Grab a baking sheet. Spray that sucker down with a light coat calorie-free cooking spray.

Get your asparagus ready...I took two handfuls of asparagus, cut the ends off and depending how long each stalk is cut them in half or in decide the lenth you want...I like the length of typical fries. I take a large tupperware container and put 1/2 a cup of liquid egg whites in. I sprinkle garlic powder and cracked black pepper in the whites. I add the cut asparagus, lid the container and do the hustle...shake shake shake. You want the asp. coated with the whites just enough to be damp...

On a large plate put about 3/4 a cup of bread crumbs...You do NOT want to coat the asp with a ton of crumbs. I place a few stalks on top of the bread crumbs at one time, then with my handle sprinkle some crumbs on the top...then I transfer to the baking sheet...lay them next to each other but make sure they aren't touching or they will bake together. Repeat until all your asparagus is on the baking sheet and you can relax...Pop em in the oven and leave those bad boys cooking for about 20 mins. If they are realllly skinny stalks...check in 15...after 15-20, touch one, if it isnt really crispy then check every 5-7 mins until you can literally pick one of the fries up like a regular crispy fry.

Take them out and let them sit for just a few mins. Voila!

Now. A few sauce ideas.
Fat free horseradish sauce:
8 oz of fat free sour cream, add horseradish until it is hot enough for your liking (taste)...add chopped scallions and chive for a nice kick

Fat free sriracha sauce:
8 oz of nonfat greek yogurt, add sriracha til it is hot enough for your liking


A little insight into my personal weight is SUPER long. Warning

I have dealt with the hatred of my body as long as I can remember.

I was a small little girl equipped with a belly that only resembled that of an ethiopian child...the ones with the swollen bellies...yeah...I was called pregnant in 2nd grade by a shmuck who is fat as hell now...but that is besides the point...I also had little chunky legs which my ex step mother refered to me as cottage cheese butt before I was 8.

I have for 15 years now, worn shorts to the beach, because I truly believe that the sight of my thighs will make the mobs of seagulls die in mid air, make the dolphins try to find a way to drown themselves, and scare all little children.

I didn't begin severe dieting until I was a freshman in high school. I was on the tennis team, and at a really decent weight...and all of a sudden I started gaining weight in my face and lower body...I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis, two issues that basically attack your reproductive organs...and, unfortunately, they cause weight gain and hormonal challenges. A solution to keep them at bay, I was put on non-stop birth control at a high dose...which as most of us know, most birth control causes weight gain as well...I blew up...And it made me sick to look at myself.

I started south beach diet with my mother that year...she knew it was really hurting me to feel like working out and eating right still wasnt making the weight disappear...I lost 12 lbs in the first two weeks or so of south beach...and that was the beginning of my track record of diets. As the years went by I would go in spurts of diets and gym, and I knew how to effectively drop a significant amount quickly...but then a few months go by, summertime, parties, drinking, dinner dates with girlfriends and getting ice cream with the boyfriends, etc...the weight was back on...The most I ever got to was that freshman year...162 lbs. But 150-155 has been pretty consistent for years...

That just didn't work for me...I always felt so fat and ugly. I had gone through a break up the Christmas after I graduated highschool...I was beginning to like how I looked...I was a cosmetologist with a tanning addiction so my hair and makeup and nails were always on point and I was always nice and tan. I watched what I ate, worked out...and now, being newly single, all of you girls can attest to this...when we are back on the market, we make DAMN SURE we look DAMN GOOD! And I did.

Then I met a man that I fell in love with. A man who's toxicity was enough to kill me...or at least try. A man who only reaffirmed that I was not only fat, but the fattest girl he had ever been with...but hey, I had a pretty face.

I was always a really smart girl, and my mother raised me better than to stay with someone who degraded me...but, I was kind of broken. I was still grieving my best friend being killed a few months prior...I was sucked in. That is when my life began to spiral. I started taking diet pills, by following the directions on the bottle...Then I began eating diet pills, between 10-15 a day. I was literally killing my heart and liver day to day because I needed the weight off of me, and immediately. I had also discovered that if I blew pain killers up my nose I wouldn't want to eat as much...I was drinking every night at this point after my shifts at the restaurant, so I would save all of my calories for my booze..

I remember the first night I did the unthinkable like it was yesterday though. I was at my best friends boyfriend's house waiting to go out...someone made popcorn in the house...and I had about a handful. I hadn't eaten in about two days and I was starving. The second her bf left the house to run to the store...I went in the bathroom, and vomitted. January 2007...I had lost all control of my feelings and emotions...but I had control of my weight. I had the control of making myself get sick...and I thrived off of it...It had gotten to the point though that everytime my man belittled me, I would go puke up all the booze I drank or food I ate...wash my mouth out...fix my eyeliner...and walk out like nothing had happened...but I felt better. I made myself sick until one day my mother must ave found it odd that my toilet was flushing while the sink and shower were running, and walked in and caught me. My mom has never hurt me, but she is fuckin scary when she is upset, and I stopped immediately...for a little while..

A few months later, still in the toxic relationship, cocaine came around. Hell of a drug? Yeah..Hell of a diet tool? Sure was. I would do blow and not eat for three days..and then sleep for an entire day and not eat...

I got clean from drugs and was sober for a long time to fix myself, and obviously that relationship ended...and even through battling drug abuse and his physical and emotional abuse which I also faced...I still struggled...with the weight.

My tools to stay away from alcohol and drugs were fresca zero calorie sodas, ghiradelli dark chocolate squares, and cigarettes. I ate a south beach diet bar in the morning, and a salad at night...but I developed a new addiction. Slim tea. A laxative tea derived from natural ingredients.

A salad and meal bar were barely 350 calories a day...and the slim tea bag, was supposed to steep in hot water for about 15 seconds...I would take 2-3 bags, and leave it steeping for hours...and then I would chug the tea...I went from 156 lbs when I got clean to 146 in about 2-3 weeks. Bc I was literally brains out.

There was even a time that a roomie and i had a fridge stocked with a box of wine, a pitcher of hydroxycut water, and a pitcher on slim tea...I had dropped about 13 lbs in two weeks and was going through a bottle of hydroxycut a week.. until one night I went to puke up a salad and saw that my puke was black, from blood. I stopped.
I got healthy again...put on a few lbs...lost a few...gained a few...then met my ex that I lived with. He had a stunningly good looking physique...his abs had abs...and as much as he adored me and how I looked...when I met him...immediately I went straight to thinking, omg, he is totally gonna find a skinnier cool hair, good makeup, and tattoos can only get me so far...I mean...I know I had a great ass...but in my head the ass that the guys like is connected to the thunder thighs that I loathe..I stopped eating...a lot. And started working out...a lot. I was getting slimmer and I felt sexier...I found a place I could purchase ephedra...yup...ya know, the stuff that kills people and is illegal in the US? Yeah...I started popping those babies like mentos...Mainly to prepare for my big 21st birthday...He and I still weren't official and I wanted to be the hottest thing he had ever seen that night...I dropped down to 142 lbs from 155 in under 2 weeks...Bc I was only consuming half of a fiber one bar, a 16 oz iced coffee, 2 gallons of water and 4 ephedra or more a day...I do recall sneaking a child size onion ring order at burger king and puking that up....and the day before my birthday getting the new volcano nachos from taco bell...have you ever felt fire come out of your nose? I did, while vomitting ever bit back up...I was sick. Until he and I moved in together...

He knew I had an issue, and made damn sure I was going to work out and eat right and NOT make myself sick...He was great at motivating me...until one day I had to suck up all of my pride and face the embarassment of saying, Babe...I cannot go to the bathroom...and haven't in 5 days. My insides were so destroyed from the dieting and pills and vomitting that a 21 year old girl couldn't even go #2...If you are a man reading this, disregard that line...girls don't poop. He was the sweetest. He went right to the store and bought 3 different types of laxatives. At this point my lower body was swelling up like I was pregnant so I was willing to try anything..Unfortunately...I was working a lot more, home a lot less, and unable to work out as much as I wanted...and, well, living with a man who consumes 4000 calories a day and always wants u to eat WITH him, eating dinner at 9 or 10 at night just packs on lbs...However...I discovered that I could drink milk of magnesia by the pints and lose 5-8 lbs a week...and he would never know...bc as long as I wasnt puking, he would never suspect anything. I was unhappy with a lot of things and found that at the peaks of my depression, that is when my weight problems would snowball.

He and I split for various reasons...and I moved. It was summer time now. Parties, bbqs, work, play.....all kinds of things were happening...but one thing was certain...I was full blown bulimic. I was vomitting 3-4 times a day...every day...Or just not eating. There was one week that summer I ran every day and ate one handful of craisins and drank coke zero everyday. And lost a bunch of weight.

The worst part of it wasnt to look good for a man...bc I knew there were men who really thought I was beautiful...who really liked me...who thought I looked great. It was my own unhappiness with so many things surfacing and revolving around my #1 issue with myself...I hated how I looked.

It got to the point that my close friends knew part of the reason I needed to move to florida...was to get healthy...To stop making myself get sick. It wasn't until last february after a car accident that probably shouldve taken my life...that I got some ridiculously strong motivation. Once able to walk again I was in that gym at 5:30 am every morning and 4 pm every night at least 4 days a week...I was eating all day long because I was literally like those guys you see in the gym 4 hrs a day with gallons of water and weight lifting gloves...I was THAT person. and I fucking loved it. i only got down to 147 lbs but I was all muscle. I was lean. I felt like the most beautiful girl.

I got into a relationship with a guy who lived 45 mins away...and between working, taking care of 3 dogs and a house, and trying to see him all the time...the gym time slipped away...I even did the HCG diet...where you consume 300 calories and taking hormone drops stunned my body to the point I gave myself pleuracy and was on bed rest two days...and kept going until I lost 11 lbs in a go out...and I loved margaritas...not a skinny girl eat at 3 am downtown, or splurge on a nice dinner at hibatchi equipped with a billion calories...and then work got relationship w family got stressful...I started losing my hair from stress...gaining a ton of weight back...and..ended up moving back up north to be closer to my mother in september...with the worst eating disorder I have ever had. I was vomitting everyday after work..eating laxatives..drinking milk of magnesia...and eating just enough that I didn't pass out at work so I could drop the weight to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding...which I did. 156 down to 147..

I made a promise to myself this past december...that I was going to cut the shit...and stop once and for all. This was no different than a drug. I told a select few people close to me what I was going through because I was going to gain weight while my body adjusted to the healthier change...and it was going to make me feel terrible.

The first month was the worst. It took every ounce of me to not cry everytime I stepped on the scale...I was getting larger by the day...and eating as healthy as possible...I am a freakin vegetarian who has always gone with sugar free and low fat choices, fresh foods, no soda, no juices, no desserts...etc...I didn't understand why I was so frigen big.

Just from eliminating the laxatives and vomitting from my everyday life...I went from 147 to 160 lbs. And then it happened. January 19th I had to go to the hospital for a cyst that was bleeding into my stomach and pelvis area. I was bloated and swollen, and then in the ER being pumped with fluids...a few days after the hospital i stepped onto the scale...168 lbs. I am not sure how much was still bloat from the cyst...but I was mortified. By Valentines Day, with exercise and diet, I was 163...and of tonight...I am ecstatic report I am 155 lbs. Ecstatic because every single day it is a battle to stay healthy and still reach my goals.

I have told you an awful lot...and you can judge me, or ridicule me...or hey maybe I inspire fight a fight you have been struggling with. I choose to inspire myself until I am at the goal weight with the goal body I have always wanted...THE RIGHT WAY.

I have always took pride in the fact that I help people, I am honest with people, I listen to people, I care about people. I make you laugh, I make you feel like you can achieve things. I have blogged for years now with the #1 priority being, put a smile on one person's face. Change someone's bad day to a better day. I told you all this bc I have the tools to not only document my progress and share a couple good recipes and tips for you to try...but to be motivation, inspiration, and determination for anyone else struggling with their weight...or hell...maybe just their own mind.

I wore a size 7 jeans on my 21st birthday. I have that same pair of jeans in my drawer. I am a size 10 right now, and they are a little baggy on me...normally a size 9 all the time....My FIRST goal that I will document the second it fitting into those size 7's.

Love you all.

Ultimate Iced Coffee, Because I am a coffee Fanatic!

You will read anywhere and everywhere the pros, but mostly cons, of caffeine.

Caffeine is harmful if you already have certain bodily issues, but I am not your I am not here to say you CAN or CAN NOT drink caffeinated coffee...Do the research yourself, ask a doctor, etc...

Either way, if you love coffee, especially ICED COFEE like I do, you can do these recipes with decaf or regular coffee.

I make my batches in 32 oz, but you can tweak yours to how you like it, like by doubling this bad boy and keeping a gallon ready to go in the fridge!...I will just give you some idears.

I start with my trusty blender.

I used caffeinated coffee in the morning (you can use decaf)...but at night if I am hungry and don't want to eat late, I will whip up a cold decaf iced coffee to curb my hunger *I highly recommend over eating something late at night...and the decaf won't keep you up all night :) * And, my quick tip of this recipe, I use INSTANT COFFEE.

I take 24 oz of water. For every 8 oz of water, you use 1 tsp of instant coffee, so I use 3 tsp of instant coffee and throw em in the blender. Like black coffee? Then blend away...0 calories. But I don't like black coffee... SO I am gonna keep going. Because I am going to add a cup of almond milk, I will add another tsp of instant coffee. 32 oz of liquid, 4 tsp of instant coffee.

I personally do not drink real milk, I don't drink 2%, 1% or fat-free milk...I drink soy milk, almond milk, etc...I drink light soy to keep the calories and fat down, but my newest addiction was the almond milk...
1 cup of whole milk = 146 calories
1 cup of light soy milk = 60 calories
1 cup of almond milk = 35 calories!!! is good! I get the unsweetened kind, but that is what splenda, truvia, and stevia is for...not familiar? they are all derived from sugar, but it all depends on what your take on aspartame is I guess for which you pick..I have used all three, they are delicious. They each have different levels of sweetness though, so you will have to decide how sweet you want it but adding a little bit at a time and tasting...once you have discovered your desired sweetness level, write down how much you used so you can have consistent batches!

Anywho, 24 oz of cold water - 4 tsp of instant coffee - 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk...
Now I normally add two packets of splenda (I get the splenda with 1 gram of fiber packets normally) ...and blend away...For you at home, start with ONE packet of sweetener, blend, and taste...want it sweeter, add a lil more...blend...try it...once it is sweet enough I pour some over ice, and keep the rest in a container in the fridge ready for later. Hell, you can make this stuff by the gallons if you want. ANDDDD, you can make these a little more exciting...I have sugar free, dairy free hazlenut powdered creamer, you can throw a tbsp or two of that in...or a sugar free french vanilla one...they are only 30 calories more per serving.

So say I want french vanilla iced coffee. in my 32 oz batch I made I would use just one splenda packet and one tbsp of the sugar free french vanilla powdered creamer...that entire 32 oz would be 65 calories.

Starbucks: Sugar free vanilla iced coffee with skim milk, 16 oz, 110 calories
Dunkin Donuts: Sugar free vanilla iced coffee with skim milk, 16 oz 110 calories
McDonalds: Sugar free vanilla iced coffee, 17 oz, 120 calories

I suggest the almond milk, it cannot hurt you to try.
Or even the light soy milk...

And hey, not for nothing, if you get iced coffee 4 days a week at even the least expensive coffee shop ...say $2.50 for every coffee you are saving over 500 bucks a year...that's a damn trip. Just sayin...

**Quickie skinny biddie cheat guide for...

...ever crave chocolate milk? You see it and just NEED that fix?

Reduced fat know the little 16 oz bottles? It is usually 2 servings in those bad boys...ONE 8 oz serving of the low fat chocolatey goodness is 170 calories! If you drink the whole bottle...Like most people would, which is 2 cups...340 calories, 5 grams of fat, 56 grams of sugar............YIKES! to me this is appauling!

What about something just as, no...I promise.

SILK light chocolate soy milk...One 8 oz serving...90 calories..16 oz, same amount of oz. as the reduced fat nesquick bottle...180 calories, 3 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, 28 grams of sugar


If you give these things a try, you may just love them...prompting you to make a simple change in your diet...saving you a boat load of calories and giving you additional healthy nutrients your body may have been missing :)


NO PROCESSED FOOD DAY...My ultimate low calorie quickie breakfast...and why egg whites are my best friend

I have been a victim of insane cleanses and detoxes...they flush your system and the second you eat something with the slightest bit of fat or sugar you blow up like a blood tick!

So, every so often I eliminate all processed food (even including protein bars, light calorie snacks, etc)...and I do just organic ingredients all day, and sometimes even 2-3 days.

Instead of my normal special k protein meal bar I eat when I get up in the am, I chug a hugeeee glass of water. And I make organic egg whites * Also, for those of you who don't know, I am what you call a, not some new is a vegetarian that will occasionally eat seafood...however with the exception of egg whites which are still included in a vegetarian diet, I DO NOT eat meat whatsoever of any animals. Just the fishies, mainly because I truly need that extra protein, and well, I make delish seafood* Back to bid-ness.

I make organic liquid egg whites. They come in a fancy lil carton, and 3 tbsp of egg whites is only 25 calories. Do you know how amazing this is for you if you can forego cheese and toast and hashbrowns!? You could have a freakin CUP of liquid egg whites and whip up a serious omelette with some calorie free butter spray (I can't believe its not butter spray made with extra virgin olive oil, omg, its amazing)...

So my low carb breakfast days consist of 3/4 cup of liquid egg whites. Which is a whopping 100 calories. I do NOT use any straight oil to cook eggs, ever. I like to save my oil intake for if I am going to cook a meal requiring it later in the day...I try not to ever exceed 1-2 tbsp a day of oil. Is olive oil good for you? it good to throw that stuff on everything you eat? Absolutely not.

Here are a few KEY ingredients I could not survive without for my egg whites (and well, most food I make):

-Garlic Powder! Stankin up that breath nice and early...I recommend a good mouthwash ;)

-Black peppercorn mill- crush that black pepper, baby!

-ADOBO! - this is my replacement of regular salt, for like, everything...BUT! just a pinch! You get that hint of salty goodness without using as much straight up salt as you normally would. Half the time, I will actually eliminate this ingredient and replace it with one or two spritzes of my butter spray (which also gives a hint of salt).

-COOKING SPRAYYY! Check the label! You want a spray made with REAL ingredients you can understand, and choose calorie free. Does this mean you use half a can on an omelette? NO...a little goes a LONG way

That rule also goes for my fave, I can't believe it's not butter SPRAY made with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil, for those of you who havent heard that term from good ol' Rachel Ray...who I can thank for the idear of the garbage bowl while cooking, brilliance)...It is simply for keeping your food from sticking to a pan or baking sheet, or to add a little flavor to your food, especially veggies for those picky eaters who prefer their veg covered in butter and cheese, defeating the purpose of the VEGGIE itself. With that said, don't go getting trigger happy on that butter spray and ruining the initial food properties.

And my last egg go-to ultimate jam...SRIRACHA! If you cannot handle hot or spicy, this will not be your favorite...but if you are unsure, I beg you to try it. Srircha is an asian chile sauce...I put it on everything. A ridiculously low calorie count for a small amount (you do not need a lot to feel the fire of this sauce)...For those who havent tried it, I suggest literally trying a little dab on your finger alone, to really feel the heat that you think you will be able to handle, bc the worst mistake you can make is overpowering the dishes you make with too mch heat, too much salt, too much garlic, too much sugar, etc...TOO MUCHHH = too bad. I also love the word sriracha...everyone I introduce it to, I tell them you have to whisper the word, and emphasize the "ahhh" in the end of the word...Try it with me. Whisper voice, srirach-ahhhh...You got it...(i know you just said it outloud :) )...If you are a ketchup lover, and literally drown your food, especially eggs in it, and can handle some heat...switch teams! Why you ask? Because if you use a lot of ketchup you probably arent measuring it out and really seeing just how much you are using...Ill just show you the numbers...
1 tbsp = 15 calories, 0 fat, 4 carbs, 4 sugar  *ketchup lovers, do you ever actually measure how much ketchup you use? one big squirt of the bottle is over 1 tbsp)\*
1 tbsp = 15 calories, 0 fat, 3 carbs, 3 sugar...and you will NOT need much more...I only use about 2 tsp on my egg whites (10 calz)

Okay...So where was I.

Egg whites...Now I use egg whites bc I don't eat yolks, and I use a hefty amount of the egg whites bc I still need the nutritional properties...You at home can use the whole egg, but the caloric value is different. One whole large egg is 70 calories, and one serving of whites (3 tbsp) is 25 pay attention to how many calories you were targeting for your breakfast.

3 TBSP Egg whites = 25 calories, 0 fat, 1 carb, 0 sugar, 5 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!
Therefore, 3/4 cup of egg whites (12 tbsp) = 100 calories, 0 fat, 4 carbs, 0 sugar, 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN!! ...I know you sense my excitement...being a vegetarian leaves it hard to get enough protein each day with really monitoring my daily intake because I cant just eat a piece of steak and call it a day...


Even with non-stick pans, I will spray a SMALL amount of cooking spray on a small pan. I crank up my heat to med-high and let the pan warm up...I measure out 3/4 of a cup of organic liquid egg whites and once i feel the heat coming off that pan I throw in my whites. Immediately I whip out the pepper mill and crack some fresh black pepper on top, I get out my breath busting garlic powder and sprinkle some of that on...IF you dont think that is enough flavor use EITHER a pinch of adobo seasoning OR one-two sprays of the ICBINB spray right into the liquid. At this point you can either make an omelette or get that spatula grooving and make scrambled whites.

I elimate the option of cheesy scrambled eggs or a nice cheddar omelette 9/10 times I make this because I want to achieve my weight loss nice and quick and, well cheese, while definitely great to have in moderation in your diet, sometimes gets over used, all day long and lets face it....fat free cheese frigen sucks! SO I sure as hell know you aren't eating the type of cheese that slims the waist and tastes like cardboard that good cheese for the good recipes! Not for your eggs! Besides...cheese backs ya up if consumed too much...Yes, you know what I am talking about. **and dont worry, I LOVE cheese, there will be plenty of cheesy recipes that are good for us, and ill even make it a point to create a cheesy breakfast that is flat belly conscious for you to make on days off when you want to indulge. OR, if you can't part with cheese on your eggs, do it smart. Use either part-skim mozzarella or 2% reduced fat shredded cheeses, never full fat unless it is a lower calorie cheese like feta. I always try and use LESS than 1 serving of cheese...just enough to get the taste. So if one serving of part-skim mozzarella is 1/4 cup, I will use half or 3/4 of that...TRUST ME, after a while, once you break from the habit of butter, oil, and cheese hiding all of the original food properties of your food, you wont miss it.

But for me, my large carb conscious, fat free, sugar free, high protein and spicy breakfast consists of just 3/4 cup of organic liquid egg whites, some spices, topped with sriracha...coming in at a total of 110 calories. If you are on weight watchers plans, the old plan as well as the new points plus plan ring in at a total of 2 points!

Need to up your veggie intake? Take some fresh spinach leaves, about a cup, throw it in a bowl, spray it once with butter spray, pop it in the microwave for 30 seecs, check it...keep adding 10 secs until the leaves begin to wilt down a little...throw em in the eggs...boom. Florentine omelette..On weight watchers? Most veggies are zero points! So a nice big egg white omelette with veggies and no cheese is still just 2 points.

.Like mushrooms? throw half a cup of sliced canned mushrooms or freshies in your eggs...boom.

 Like broccoli? Buy the single serving broccoli steamers (NOT THE ONES WITH BUTTER!) pop em in the microwave...when they are done, toss the contents of the steamer bag right into the eggs...broccoli points for broccoli!

Feeling greek? chop a lil spinach, dice a few tomatoes, and use a PINCH of feta cheese...just about 30 extra calories for a pinch of feta.

Fresh ingredients MAKE A DIFFERENCE...YOU have control over what you put into your body when you buy organic or fresh foods.

I simply throw my egg whites on a plate and I drizzle some srirachaaa over top. I like the heat in a lot of my food because hot and spicy seasonings and sauces not only help speed your metabolism, but make you feel full much quicker.

SO, I have shared my ultimate skinny biddiez breakfast...quick, easy, and you can customize it by adding ingredients yourself. But the main lesson, really pay close attention to the little things you might normally do...That is what I cannot stress enough...I will show you an example of a typical breakfast that you may have made and thought, hey, these are things I read are good for me, and I put them together...

2 large eggs = 140 calories
1/4 cup of skim milk whisked in with the eggs = 21 calories
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil in the pan = 120 calories
1 serving of 2% reduced fat cheddar cheese = 80 calories
1 tbsp ketchup = 15 calories
Granted, this meal will provide you with just around 22 grams of protein, but...the amount of fat, for just breakfast...yikes...ringing in at 376 calories...Hell, you could have a cup and a half of egg whites, a few spritzes of butter spray, and 1/4 cup of reduced fat cheddar with some calorie free cooking spray and STILL only be 210 calories.

Stressful calorie counting is not worth the anxiety, but once you know basic facts of nutrition and really focus on fresh foods and not covering up food with fat and will see that healthy eating is actually an eye opener when done the right way. Have an egg-cellent evening....yeah...I just did that.

P.S. I do not just pull nutritional values out of my ass, I research everything to ensure you are getting the correct stats from me. <3

Saturday, February 25, 2012


One thing men learn at a very young age...Never ask a woman her age, and NEVER EVER EVER ask a woman her WEIGHT!

With a small exception, most women, big or small, like to keep that number we see on the scale top secret. Hell, sometimes we even lie to our best friends about those numbers.

We actually DON'T want you to guess our weight, or tell us what you think we look like we weigh...especially if you aren't happy with what you see on that scale.

I obviously have never held back in my blogs about life and sex and my feelings against rude patrons of businesses around the holidays, HOWEVER...if I know one topic veryyyy well, it is definitely weight loss and all the mumbo jumbo that comes with it.

As I continue my blogs you will learn more of the problems I have encountered with my weight the past 10 years...I have been through it all...

I am here to not only share awesome recipes *I have a special ability to see recipes that are guaranteed to make your muffin tops do the harlem shake, and transform them into the most delicious, healthy, and crowd pleasing meals*.....But to also document the transformation of the body I am not thrilled with, into the body I have always wanted. I got so close when a year ago I was in an accident that left me unable to walk for a few weeks...and when I got back on my feet I was bound and determined to be a little gym rat...And I was. I lost 17 lbs and had toned what needed toning, shed what needed to be shed, and was well on my way to pure bliss with my body (the healthy way)...I got into a relationship, got comfortable, then things started falling apart in my life and the gym wasn't my main priority...

I will emphasize everything in due time, but the point being I gained back a lot of the weight...

I yo-yo'd for the past 6 months...and was just recently in the hospital again this January for a cyst on my ovary...On top of the already obnoxious weight gain, being sick and then having to be in the hospital and getting pumped with fluids, and not being too mobile while recovering...I gained even more.

I am about to do something I never thought I would do, but I will because this blog is going to be my ticket to my goal weight, goal body, and goal attitude...I am going to post my numbers. The numbers from that scale.

On January 25th, I weighed in @ the most I have EVER weighed...and it crushed me, beyond belief.

I was 167 lbs.

Again, in due time I will emphasize why my weight makes me crazy...but this number was unacceptable to me. I got back on track with where I needed to be diet wise, I am working back in to my routine with the gym as well...and I am happy to report one month later, February 25th, I am 156 lbs.

When I was killing it at the gym while I lived in FL, at my smallest (healthy), I was 147 - with nice muscle

And when I was turning 21 when I was at my smallest (completely unhealthy rapid weight loss) I was 142...

My first goal is to get to 140 because that will be the first time in 10 years I lost all of the weight I wanted, in a HEALTHY process.

My MAIN goal is to be 125 by at least mid June. But we will see.

Now that you know my number, and my goal, it is time to just learn some rad new recipes, message me if you have any questions, and hey, support each other if you yourself are working towards a slimmer or healthier you.

This blog is for help myself. But if I can help even one person along the way...then I am ecstatic.