Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A table is supported by legs...well, what happens if the legs give out?
Your table is shit out of luck...

Same goes for humans...we are designed to feel good when we are supported emotionally by others, when people believe in us. And when no one supports you, well, ya feel like shit.

I worked 11 hours today, an am exhausted...BUT!

I wanted to make damn sure I wrote a quicky blog letting whoever know that is reading this and struggling with weight loss or healthier eating, or hell, just had a bad frigen day, that I support you.

I may be just some tattooed hippie makeup artist who slangs beer day in and day out who packed on some weight after a couple ups and downs in life...but you can bet your ass I could probably help you more than you know...and I am willing to.

I am here to say don't give up, on anything you are striving for...especially losing weight. Because I sure as hell am not.

Only ONE person will prevent you from being where you want to be, and that is you.

Tomorrow is my next weigh in...and I want to report a radical number...and I am hoping that I can do that  to prove that with hard work and dedication, all is possible. So far since January 25th I am 13 lbs down...I hope to be down at least 15 by the weekend...and I will make sure of it.

So goodnight everyone.
Stay beautiful.
Stay positive.
And stay on track, it is worth it <3

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